Great Expectations

Continuing Education & Personal Fitness

Great Expectations offers participants continuing education and fitness opportunities, reinforcing The Arc of Monmouth’s mission of community inclusion and life-long learning.

Brookdale Community College, Lincroft

Academic Enrichment Classes: Students participate in classes on diverse topics, such as poetry, American history, ancient history, drama, first-aid, science and nature, money management skills, self-advocacy, and autobiographical writing.

Social Skills Classes: Students are given the opportunity to problem-solve and role-play challenging situations that may affect their lives on a daily basis in order to determine a positive course of action. Students can also discuss their feelings about living with disabilities and overcoming obstacles.

CentraState Fitness & Wellness Center, Freehold

Health and Wellness Comfortably and Safely: The Center offers participants swimming activities and use of available equipment and services to enhance physical fitness.  Personal trainers and lifeguards are on duty and provide assistance.