Allaire Community Farm

Thursday, 9AM - 3PM

Drop off and pick up at Allaire Community Farm, 2840 Allaire Road in Wall Twp, NJ 07719

The Allaire Community Farm offers opportunities to work directly with animals as well as plants in the greenhouse and garden.

Animals: Participants will learn proper care and maintenance of live farm animals in the petting zoo. Tasks may include feeding, watering, grooming and/or cleaning stalls and facilities. Horseback riding or driving lessons will also be available for those interested at an additional cost of $35 each week. If you have a fear of animals or have a severe allergy to animals, you may want to consider a different program offering like A Day of the Arts.

Plants: Learn how to plant seeds and grow herbs, vegetables, and other edible plants in the greenhouse. Instruction will include farm and greenhouse safety procedures; tool recognition and proper use; types of plants, soils, and growing mediums; seeding, transplanting, and harvesting; weeding, tilling, and fertilizing. 

NOTE: Allaire Community Farm requires a $25/week activity fee. This will amount to $375 for the Fall 2018 Session, which will be taken out of your DDD budget as a "Goods & Service". Your support coordinator will coordinate all payments and your budget. 

Other important considerations:

  • Horseback riding or driving lessons will be an additional cost of $35/session if interested. Private Pay only for the horseback riding/driving.
  • Most activities will be outside. Participants will need to dress appropriately with close-toed shoes. Wear sunscreen. A hat and extra water are recommended.

Talk to your support coordinator. If you are still in the Interim Program, the cost is $97 per day. If you are in DDD Supports Program, you will need the following units added to your plan for each day of Allaire Farm:

  • 24 Units Pre-Vocational
  • 4 Units Respite
  • $25 Goods & Services for activity fee