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The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center: Serving Individuals with I/DD

The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center

One of The Arc of Monmouth’s long-term goals has been to create a one-stop health center that meets participants’ daily medical needs. And recently, the organization reached a new milestone. In mid-October, The new Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center opened on Route 37 in Toms River, NJ.

This brand-new facility will change how the organization provides health services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Monmouth County. In addition to improving the level of care offered, the new center will also make accessing health care for adults with I/DD a much simpler and more convenient task.

Those of us at The Arc of Monmouth are excited to have the opportunity to care for our participants better. That’s why we wanted to discuss what the Primary Care Center has to offer and how we plan to expand services even further.      


The Challenges of Providing Health Care for Adults with I/DD


Since identifying an unmet need among those with I/DD, The Arc of Monmouth’s Health Services Department has been coordinating care and providing medical management and outpatient psychiatric services. 

Due to budgetary restrictions and other constraints, participants have been using health providers and specialists in the community to get the critical services they need, including vision, dentistry, and podiatry. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that these providers have the experience and skills required to deliver the level of care that meets the needs of individuals with I/DD. Because of this, patients and their caregivers often struggle to get specialized medical help.

As you can imagine, keeping track of and getting to those appointments can be stressful for participants and caregivers, leading to missed appointments and cancellations. Further, coordinating and monitoring services between multiple agencies and locations can be difficult. So, it’s easy for participants’ care to slip between the cracks from time to time.

The good news is that bringing various health service providers under one roof will dramatically improve our ability to coordinate services for those we aim to help. Most importantly, it will ensure all participants have access to the best level of health care for adults with I/DD possible. Patients and caregivers can feel confident that professionals who understand and have experience working with individuals with I/DD will offer treatment. 

Down the road, The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center will allow the organization to expand psychiatric and mental health services outside of adults with I/DD, autism, and Down syndrome.

As of today, The Arc of Monmouth is the only chapter in New Jersey to have a Primary Care Center providing health services to participants. Thankfully, others across New Jersey will also benefit from the offerings at our facility. That’s because the other chapters can now refer their service recipients and caregivers to The Arc of Monmouth.


Services Now Available at the Primary Care Center


The fact is, as we build health services at The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center, we will serve the medical needs of those with I/DD better! From day one, participants and caregivers can now enjoy the benefits of the following programs and services: 

  • Care coordination 
  • Behavioral health counseling 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Outpatient psychiatric services
  • Physical evaluations
  • Health assessments
  • Primary care 
  • Medical Management

The Primary Care Center also offers virtual and telehealth appointments for psychiatric, health, and medical services. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how important it is to make these health services available to participants through video conferencing. This is especially true for people with I/DD who struggle to leave their homes or rely on public transportation. 


Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Health Care


As The Arc of Monmouth’s plan unfolds, participants and caregivers can look forward to all their health and medical care needs being met in one place by experienced and knowledgeable providers. Now and in the future, Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center will provide...

  • Access to general practitioners who understand and specialize in working with adults with I/DD
  • A true one-stop resource for all medical needs through partnerships with eye doctors, dentists, and podiatrists
  • Home visits from nurse practitioners to adults with I/DD who find it difficult to leave the house

Ultimately, the vision for the center is to provide quality, comprehensive care for those we serve in Monmouth County and beyond. 


Join The Arc of Monmouth’s Primary Care Center Team


If you’re looking to take your career in a new direction and help those with I/DD, you may be interested to learn we are hiring talented and caring staff to fill positions at The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center. These positions are critical to helping the organization meet its goals. As positions open, they will offer the rewarding work of providing health care for adults with I/DD. These jobs also offer a host of great benefits, including a 403B plan with agency match, health insurance, and more.

To find out more about job openings at the Primary Care Center, visit our Careers page here.


How to Get Health Care Services


The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center is located at 599 NJ-37 Suite 3, North Wing, Toms River, NJ 08755. For information or to schedule an appointment, call 732-557-3530. You can also sign up for services by completing the intake form here.




Participants can now have their primary medical care and behavioral care needs met at The Arc of Monmouth Primary Care Center. But we are excited that the opening also represents a big step toward our goal to operate a one-stop health facility that meets all participants’ medical needs. One key change in our drive toward excellence will be partnering with eye doctors, dentists, and podiatrists who can provide our participants with the specialized health services they need.

With donations from generous supporters like you, we can go beyond providing just the basic services that the fee-based system pays for. That includes expanding services, purchasing supplies, and more. So, to support The Arc of Monmouth’s efforts to deliver the care our participants deserve, donate here or discover other ways you can help.