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Historic New Jersey

Friday, 9AM - 3PM
7 Week Program - 5/15/19 to 6/26/19 ONLY

Drop off and pick up at The Arc Center

Visit the many historic sites Monmouth County has to offer. Places like, Twin Lights, Fort Hancock, Allaire State Park, and the Church of the Presidents, just to name a few. The trips will differ each week to maximize the number of unique experiences and learning opportunities. 

Please be sure to dress appropriately if activities are outdoors and wear comfortable shoes. Bring sunscreen and water. Lunch can be purchased in the community or brought from home. 

Talk to your support coordinator. If you are in DDD Supports Program, you will need the following units added to your plan for each day of Historic New Jersey:

  • 20 Units Community Inclusion
  • 50 Miles Transportation